Definition of Patchwork: small pieces of fabric sewed together to a greater whole.

Definition of quilt: Smaller pieces of fabric sewed on top of one or more bigger pieces of fabric.

On these pages you will only find patchwork.

All the patterns have american names, anyway that is were they come from, well most of them. Some of the patterns has more than one name, here the name most often used is written first, then the other names follow in the brackets.

The patterns are comstructed in many ways. I have diveded the patterns in groups by their main pattern; square, circle, triangle and so on.

The patterns are only illustrated if they are my patterns. It was my plan to put put pictures on all the patterns, however, because of copyright, I have chosen not to put pictures on unless I am absolutly sure that I have permission. However if you are really interested in a pattern, write by clicking on the logo in the upper left corner.


The patterns are in the following groups:

Square Geometric Pattern      

    Square - Center                                                    110 Patterns  

    Square - Square                                                    47 Patterns    

    Square - Log Cabin                                              27 Patterns   

    Square - Long Triangle                                         91 Patterns    

    Square - Round                                                    63 Patterns   

    Square - Triangle                                                  608 Patterns   

Square Figure Pattern                            185 Patterns

Unending Pattern                                   191 Patterns

Own Pattern                                            2 Patterns (picture)   

Own Experiment                                     2 Patterns (picture)   




 Update: 20.03.06