Welcomme to Creative Me.

Hope you enjoy to whizz around on my homepage.

There are not many pages in english yet, however, they are slowly on the way.

Outline for the content on my homepage Creative Me :


Dato: 20.03.06


Dato: 22.08.05


Dato: 24.08.05


Dato: 20.03.06

  • X-stitch

Dato: 28.06.04

  • Crochet

Dato: 24.02.05

Dato: 27.07.03

  • Knitt

Dato: 28.06.04

  • Toyanimal

Dato: 16.12.03

  • Jewellery

Dato: 04.02.05

  • Photo

Dato: 20.12.02

  • Pensil & Brush

Dato: 10.05.03

  • Papercut

Dato: 17.01.03

  • Sculpture

Dato: 19.09.03

  • Bookreview

Dato: 05.06.06

  • Quotes

Dato: 09.10.05

  • Stamps

Dato: 04.02.05

  • Gallery

Dato: 17.01.03

  • Recipe

Dato: 03.02.03

Dato: 02.09.03

  • AcousticN

Dato: 08.03.05

  • Canada

Dato: 23.01.03

  • Links

Dato: 20.08.05


This homepage contains a little of many different things, it is a reflection of the variety in my education and in my sparetime activities.

I have never been a person, who can sit still and do nothing, which these pages reflect.

Hope you can use it for something !!!

User explanation:

The small date, which is under the headlines, in the outline, indicates when the page had its latest update. I am putting dates on every page, at the bottom of the page. The headlines without dates, is planed pages not finished or worked out yet.

All the pictures on my homepage is taken by me, except the ones on the gallery page, those are made by the artists. Do you wish to use any of my pictures fore anyting other than personal use, then please contact me, anyting else will be an offence against my copyright.

Just a note, if you make any links to my homepage, then do to the "Home"-page, over time the outline for my homepage may be altered.

If you have critic or praice or just something you want to contact me about, then click on the logo on the top left side, then it is possible to write to me.

Homepages, that has a connection to the toppics on my homepage and that I want to bring to your attention, is listed on each of the main pages for each topic, Animal, craft and so on.



Update: 17.02.07

Number of unique clicks on the pages of Creative Me since the 4. of February 2005 until the 18. of March 2006 :  5070

Number of unique clicks on the pages of Creative Me since the 18. March 2006