Citater fra design og den kreative verden.  Alvorlige og knap så alvorlige udtalelser eller skrevne ord fra kendte og ukendte personer verden rundt.  

"Civilization is only chaos taking a rest"    af: Alan fletcher.

"A work is pefectly finished only when nothing can be added to it and nothing taken away"     af: Joseph Joubert.

"Creativity is the defeat of habit by originality"    af Arthur Koestler.

"Realism is a corruption of reality"     af: Wallace Stevens.

"Good design is good business"    af: Thomas Watson Jr.

"Writing is the geometry of the soul"    af: Plato.

"Darwinian man, though well behaved, is really just a monkey shaved"    af: W. S. Gilbert

"I´m interested in the moment when two objects collide and generate a third. The third object is where the interesting work is"    af: Bruce Mau.

"Invention or discovery takes place by combining ideas"    af: Jacques Hadamard.

"Creativity seems to be something which links things together within a new whole, which didn´t exist before"     af: Rupert Sheldrake.

"What we call intellignence is the activity of the mind and takes place in the brain"     af: David Ruelle.

"It may be that the whims of change are really the importunities of design"     af: Mary McCarthy.

"The real is always way ahead of what we can imagine"     af: Paul Auster.

"You can´t create unless you´er willing to subordinate the creative impulse to the constriction of a form"     af: Anthony Burgess.

"Photography is a way of telling what you feel about what you see"     af: Ansel Adams.

"Design is form made by materials whereas ingineering is form dictated by materials"     af: Kenneth Grange.

"The five strategic arts. The situation gives rise to measurements. Measurements give rise to estimates. Estimates give rise to analysis. Analysis gives rise to balancing. Balance gives rise to triumph."     af: Sun Tzu.

"Design is what happens between conceiving an idea and fashioning the means to carry it out. In short, design is an intelligent equation between purpose and construction"     af: Alan Fletcher.




Update: 11.08.05